This bare and simple CD-R is the debut demo from Black Rock. They play rough heavy/speed metal with heavy influences from bands such as Venom and Celtic Frost...

... and I guess I could stop reviewing the demo here, as that sentence tells everything you need to know of this demo. The songs are simple and rocking, and the soundscape is very garage-like - both in good and bad. It gives the songs a lot of authenticity, as do the hoarse vocals, but they're partially responsible for the songs sounding rather flat. The soundscape doesn't deliver the songs' drive in its fullest.

Black Rock is a tradition-worshipping band, and the fellows seem to know what they're going for. They don't stand out from the mass in any way, really, but I guess they weren't going for any sort of uniqueness anyway. When they've put a little more effort to creating a suitably rough but powerful soundscape, tightened the songs and rehearsed more in order to play more fluently in unison, it'll be a pleasure to listen to the band's output. Until then I can only say: you're on the right tracks, but more practice is needed.

3- / 5