Pulvis Et Umbra is an Italian band that was founded in 2002. This is the band's first full-length album.

Shortly, the band's style could be described as both melodic and thrashing modern death metal with emotional lyrics. I'm sure that the fellows have been listening to the Swedish pioneers of the Gothenburg-sound, or at least it sounds like it. Song four brings out some more gothic influences in the form of female vocals and electronic adds, both of which sound rather out of place on the album.

It sounds like the album was recorded in various sessions, as the drum-, vocal- and guitar sound seems to vary a lot between a few songs, and some songs are clearly louder than the others... which brings out the album's greatest flaw: the production. On the tracks with the worse production, the guitar is very demo-like and the cymbals have been compressed so much that they sound weird and tinny. Still, even the songs with better production values have problems; for example, on the song "Reaching the End" the vocals sound fuller, the guitar is less dry and lo-fi and the track generally sounds stronger than some of the very garage-y sounding ones, but the guitar track crackles at least once during the track - and so does the end part of "Portrait of Myself."

All in all, this album seems like a demo that was rushed to be a full-length. The band seems to be excited about their craft and they might sound good in a live-situation, but for me, this album is unlistenable due to the production values. I can't focus on it due to the varying production, and due to the compositions and their execution ranging from rather professional to weirdly lo-fi demo outtakes. A shame.

x / 10