The Finnish band Enemies was formed in late 2011, and their debut album was released digitally in July of 2012. Now in 2013 the band decided to release the album on digipak CD, too.

Despite the band's young age, I'm assuming they have a lot of previous musical experience as this album is all-around very professional. The production is fairly modern but rough and dynamic enough, and the instrumental performance leaves no room for complaints. I think the vocals could sound more natural to give the music some extra punch, but their tortured and raw sound does suit the angry and even desperate atmospheres.

The compositions vary from furious hc-bursts to slower dominating rhythms and more moody, almost sludgy spheres in a very natural and appealing manner. The first 20 minutes of the album practically fly by, and then comes the almost nine-minute closing piece which takes the mournful wrath and the dark atmosphere to its peak. The band's style isn't too original, and neither is their sound, but it's all executed with such ambition, zeal and wrath that it doesn't matter. The album flows and rushes forward very naturally, and knows where to speed or slow things down to stay vivid and on the move.

Aside of the fairly dull cover image, there isn't much to complain about. "Framing Choices..." is a very professional and (in a good sense) emotional album that gives a very capable and promising image of the band. I'm certain that they'll find more originality, too, once the band's got a few more years behind them.

8- / 10