I don't generally do this, but I think the label's promotional text for this album is more than suitable as a review's intro:

"These collected works of Finland's OWL could be simply squashed into the categories of "radio noise" and "electronic interference collages" but that wouldn't really be right. We're rather talking about an isolated vision of sound exploration with primitive equipment, no awareness of the existence of any kind of "noise scene" (this came later), no rules, and pure enthusiasm for sonic ugliness. A glimpse into the dark vaults of atonal pleasures, executed with crude boomboxes, one cheap multi-fx unit, no distortion (!!) and rudimentary recording techniques. Almost all overdrive here is purely from tape saturation, and the results are creepy, fuzzy, intense and very active. A powerful trip, unharmed by outside influences."

So, what you get is forty minutes' worth of crude and primal harsh noise that relies more on flowing sound textures than endless layering or distortion. The results are harsh but detailed, and it sounds like they've been post-edited to enhance them a bit. There's still some tape hiss and time-worn screeching to be heard, though, which I see as a good and natural thing. There aren't a lot of actually deep bass-frequencies, but the mid-pitches are presented in such a varying, surprisingly fluctuating and versatile manner that you don't really get to miss them a lot either. From clear signal-frequencies to harsh white noise, slower and calmer bits, radio channel-gimmickry, weird bleeping and droning and surprisingly deep-layered harshness, this CD keeps on evolving and mutating constantly, which also makes the listener stay on his/her toes. I like that.

To properly rate this album, it needs to be put in its context - and it's pretty damn amazing in it. It's very brute and primitive in its approach and doesn't offer a lot of new things to someone who knows his/her harsh noise, but for someone who enjoys skillfully crafted harsh crudity and organic sound textures in comparison to (or to bring variation to) the endless pedal-action, this CD is a very recommendable purchase.

7 / 10