Electric Wheels Of Confusion is a Finnish trio that was founded in 2010. This slipcase-packed CD-R is their debut demo/EP. You can download it for free from the band's bandcamp-page.

The opening song is built around a nicely groovy rock-tune, whereas the following songs are way harder to categorize. They range from quirky twitching and surprisingly free-flowing groove to more strictly rhythmic and composed riffs, and there's a couple of pretty appealing choruses too. The band's capable in making music ranging from atmospheric quietness to murky moods and from groove to more strict rock-rhythms, but somehow I get lost in all this. The four-song entirety comes off as too confusing for me. Perhaps these songs could've been either made barer, or just the opposite: longer and more progressive. In the latter case the changes between different moods and sections could've been made seem more natural through some careful build-ups and both controlled repetition and free-flow.

While I really like the sturdy bass-sound, otherwise the soundscape could use more work. The drums come off as a bit hollow and damp, and both the guitar sound and vocals are too inflexible and dominant in the mixing. A more organic and balanced soundscape would do these songs wonders. Also, since the compositions tend to be of the unpredictable kind, it might do them more justice to deliver the vocals in a less pre-arranged manner; the vocalist seems capable of delivering various moods, but the arrangements are too strict for the songs' drive and groove.

I'd guess that EWoC sounds much better live than they do on this CD-R. This home-recorded sound doesn't do the band a lot of justice through making their trio-sound come off as too bare and vocal-driven, and the four songs don't really make it clear what it is exactly that the band's going for. Although I like these experimentations in general, there's too many sudden switches from one style and mood to another to create something an outsider to the band could get a proper hold of.

Although there is something promising forming up in the EWoC-camp, it's still too unrefined to be fully convincing.

2 / 5