The Finnish grinders Cut To Fit strike again with an EP-length creation. Their previous EP was released in November of 2012, but the band's rather fast pace of releases shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with their works...

... nor should the musical side (ps. If you don't know the band, read the review I linked above. There's no point in me repeating myself over and over in these reviews). As usual with CTF-EP's, you immediately recognize the music to being a creation of their own but there's been some minor changes that makes the EP a meaningful addition to their catalogue. This time it seems that the band's given more focus to mid-tempo action and bringing out the individual riffs - or at least this came out as more "song-oriented" and slightly less spastic than the band's few previous records. There's still plenty of rough grind-blur to flail around to, but also quite a few riffs that are very easy to nod to.

The somehow more song-based vibes I got might also be because of the refined soundscape. The guitar sounds buzzing, dirty and sturdy, the drums are strong and clear, and the vocals are as manic shriek-preaching as ever. I just don't remember the band's previous EPs bringing them out in such an equally strong manner. Everything sounds suitably clear and strong without damaging the roughness, shortly said. I'd even dare to say that CTF's sound and style has matured a bit!

Cut To Fit keep on doing what they do best, and are steadily improving their skills and craft. This EP is as a good piece of opinionated DIY-grindcore as I expected, if not even better. A recommended buy if you like your music fast and rough.

8 / 10