This nasty little devil of a tape offers some dirty harsh noise and suspicious collage artwork. Do not buy this one if you're easily offended and/or don't have a dark sense of humour.

WGM presents harsh and murky harsh noise. The rumbling noise-thundering focuses on the low end, creating a massive blur that lacks in detail but sounds pretty impressive otherwise - despite being very traditional. This rumbling mass of noise is decorated with continuous harsh crackles that are drowning in the low-end, giving the mass of sound more detail and character. The track gets its most memorable characteristics from continously varying high-pitched squelch that seems to originate from an oscillator or some other kind of radio frequency-device.

The contrasts between the oldschool rumbles and more modern day-like frequency sweeps create an interesting mixture that doesn't sound cheesy or too usual. Its minimalism and overall crudity make it a bit passive and monotonal, but at the same time it's still easily approachable and not too hostile nor nauseating. WGM's song is by no means too original or mindblowing, but it's a very pleasing and successful mixture of dirty filth, experimentalism and vividity.

Volksmorg sounds a bit more constructed and less blurry in comparison to their debut tape, but the duo's harsh noise is still coated in drunken/hungover nausea. Their song opens up with a slowed-down sample of a woman explaining the benefits of anal sex, but the rest of the tape is reserved for murky, slow and droning harsh noise. The backing blur of low frequencies wouldn't sound like much on its own, but it's almost constantly accompanied by some analog whirring, shrill noises, signal sweeps or very distorted junk rumbles. The track doesn't really "progress" or "evolve" until it's very end when it gets much sharper and brings back the samples, but the mixture of dim blur and more power electronics-y additions makes for an interesting listening experience nonetheless.

I'm actually surprised how well-structured and almost logical the track sounds, especially in comparison to Volksmorg's earlier tape. If they keep their future creations up to this par, I'm definitely interested in hearing them.

If you want harsh noise that feels dirty, filthy and wrong, you won't go wrong with this tape. It doesn't break a lot of new ground, but does well the exact thing it was meant to do: delivering dirt and filth.

7 / 10