The Finnish band Jumalhämärä became rather well-known after the release of their full-length album "Resignaatio" in 2010. The album is truly recommendable, and shows a rather unique approach to black metal. It's also an album that makes you expect the unexpected, which is now delivered.

This album has pretty much nothing to do with "Resignaatio." In short, Resitaali offers 35 minutes of very minimalistic harmonium music - no vocals nor additional instruments are present. The compositions are devout, ascetic, bare and somewhat melancholic, and their deep power lies way more in the realms of dim and dusty atmospheres with their flickering candles than in mere musical or compositional merits.

"Resitaali" has a very natural flow that sucks you in, and the compositions are truly well-executed despite their utter minimalism. The soundscape is dim and dusty, which helps in creating the utterly still atmosphere that has the danger of making you face yourself. The best way I can describe its atmosphere is simply to say it's final: the moment of regret and facing your shame.

This album is a superb definition of the often mentioned "less is more"-approach. If you're into organic and minimalistic ambient or organ-music in general, buy this one.

8- / 10