This grey-covered pink tape is the debut offering from the Finnish sludge-trio. Lyrics (in Finnish) are included, as is a download-voucher.

The five songs present dirty, nasty and vile sludge with great groove, and the lyrics about lunacy and despair suit them perfectly. The tempos switch between surprisingly brisk (and hc-influenced) violence and painfully slow paces with their heavy resonation, and these switches sound rather natural. Despite the raw soundscape and the sludgy filth coating everything, most of this tape is very suitable for flailing around and moshing to... whether you wallow in despair and hungover self-loathing or not.

The songs are performed in an excellently natural and free-flowing manner and they have a lot of rhythmic hooks. Pretty much the only downside is the rather dull soundscape; the raw guitar has a very unoriginally distorted sound, the drums lack power and the disturbed vocals drown in the mix. The slower and more resonance-reliant bits sound better and more balanced, but I'd still recommend the band to put way more effort into finding a more suitable and original soundscape for their compositions.

If the band puts more attention to their sound in the future, they have a great chance of becoming a more widely known name. Good stuff.

4- / 5