Cicutoxin, a Finnish sludge/doom-group, released their debut tape in 2010. Now in 2013 it's time to give a listen to their second offering. "Delirious Excommunication" was released as a tape-pressing of 150 copies.

It's clear from the start that the band has improved a lot; the songs are now more logical, tighter and in general sound like more well-matured fruits of effort. They last for about three to four minutes each, but their slow paces and thought-out structure make them sound just long enough. The soundscape is pleasingly rough and heavy, but still retains from the nastiest filth-bathing aside of the twisted vocal snarls.

Cicutoxin has certainly acquired a rather original sound, which comes to the greatest fruition with the occasional and very tasteful violin-additions. But, for me, this tape didn't provide a climax. The songs are very well composed, the soundscape is in good balance and the sound is original, yet it doesn't grab me by the neck and throw me around at any point. It might be the rather steady tempos, or perhaps the soundscape should allow more dynamics and micro-elements, or something else... but eventually the really promising first impression changed to "was that it?"

I am somewhat reminded by the Kashmar-album I reviewed recently; everything seems to be in check, but the creation ultimately fails to deliver the final punch to impress me - and I can't really tell you why that is. Perhaps it's just all too steady for me.

7- / 10