Weirdship is a Finnish band that was founded in 2011. After a couple of demos (which I haven't heard) they released their debut full-length in 2013. The band has already created some good buzz, so I was definitely interested to check out what this beast in psychedelic covers is hiding.

It didn't take long for me to realize that this CD will demand quite a few listens until I'd get anything out of it, as the band's palette ranges from funky tripping, reggae-flow and free-jazzy jamming to somewhat more usual alternative and progressive rocking. The band's weirdness is a bit annoying here and there, especially due to the often very hectic and theatrical vocals, but luckily the occasionally over-the-top delivery (I was just reminded of Jim Carrey!) is only a small part of Weirdship's style.

The album is a difficult one to digest due to the sudden switches in tempos and atmospheres, and the songs vary a lot from each other so the album's flow from one song to another isn't the smoothest one. Then again, the individual songs don't really leave a lot to complain about; I think a more organic soundscape would allow the songs to have better dynamics and more detail, but other than that they're all enjoyable. The album's length and the switches from slowly progressing jamming to faster gimmickry just make it a bit heavy on the ears until you've listened to it over and over again.

If you want something that's very bold, skillfully executed and slightly annoying, this album is definitely a good pick. I think the band still has some road to travel until the group and their expression has fully melted together into a singular "creature" that's fully aware of its limitations and capabilities - or in more logical words, the band needs to work on more how to bring out their core strenghts and their music's different aspects without any elements and styles overshining the others. For my ears the most spastic jams and jazzy bits work the best, as they give a very flattering image of the band's vision and capabilities, and it allows each instrument to shine unlike the calmer bits.

Very, very promising.

7+ / 10