Pissing Cobras released their debut demo last year, and now it's time for their second offering. It features similarly bare but neat graphics and the length is very suitable, so things seem good on the surface...

... and there isn't anything wrong with the songs either, unsurprisingly. The songs are still based on traditional and raw pub rock, but, instead of the first demo's heavy compositional black/death-metal influences, this time the songs bow more towards groovy rockabilly. The songs are still raw and heavy though, and very poisonous to hippies of all kind. Beware.

The band has certainly taken some steps forward since their debut offering. Each songs' characteristics and nuances are now more clear, meaning that "What's Your..." offers more for the ears. Despite the now more prominent 'billy-influences, the band's mixture of rock, boogie and death/black metal sounds very natural. The production is raw and suitable, and the lyrics' tales of the pleasures of men suit the filthy songs more than well.

I'm not sure if Pissing Cobras would be ready to make a full-length album just yet, but they're certainly one long leap closer to reaching that point.

4 / 5