This 7" by the Finnish trio Dead Moose was released in September, on friday the thirteenth. It might've been a coincidence, but I'd say the release date fits the band's sound. The covers suit the DIY-feel, too.

This EP holds four short songs of punk rock with a rugged and slightly dark sound, and the compositions themselves aren't of the cheeriest kind either. Luckily, they also avoid all the wallowing in the low moods, but instead create a pleasingly night-like atmosphere. All the instrumentation plays nicely together and the sounds suit each other, although the rough vocals might be too harsh for some people's liking. A special mention is given for the guitar's light playing and its sharp and powerful distortion.

"The Night" has a strong character and none of the four songs have any specific flaws, although they aren't especially striking or memorable either. It's a strong 7" that certainly could've lasted a couple songs longer, and I like the band's sound and attitude, but they still need to work on making the songs more effective and powerful. Aside of that, I'll just say: keep it up. Seven inches, seven points.

7 / 10