There used to be a rather good Finnish punk band called Inuit Kunt. If the internet didn't lie to me, that band is now dead and the equally ingeniously named The Shangri Blahs was born from its ashes. Well, no matter. The Shangri Blahs is a Finnish band, and this is their first own 7"-EP. A download-coupon is included.

Well, if you read the Inuit Kunt-review I posted above, you pretty much know what this 7" sounds like, too. The four songs present simplistic punk rock with a laid-back and slightly hungover and un-caring playing; they're played well but without overt energy nor enthusiasm, and it seems to have been a conscious choice. It gives the songs a certain atmosphere, as does the pleasingly unpolished soundscape, but it also makes the songs appear inferior to their actual "hidden" quality and catchiness.

The occasional saxophone-bits make the songs seem more original and interesting without stealing the spotlight, which was a pleasing surprise - and pretty much the only surprise on this whole EP, heh. The songs go forward with pleasing, relaxed groove and mid-tempos, making the four-song creation of feelgood-music an easy one to listen to, but more difficult to get addicted to due its introverted (compositional) characteristics. There are details and nuances in the songs, even plenty of them, but they're rather hidden.

I'd assume these songs work better live when they have more sharp roughness and sheer force to launch at the audience. There are no particular flaws on this record, aside of it being rather forgettable due to its passive nature - which is also the reason I find it difficult to grade this 7". Perhaps the band's next creation will be bolder and more memorable, as the band certainly has got an ear for good melodies and subtle groove.

7- / 10