Torso. (yes, with the dot in the end) is a Finnish drums'n'bass-duo, and this is their second offering. Whereas their previous EP had a very rough, even lo-fi sound, this 7"-EP was produced more professionally and has a pleasingly deep and detailed sound - without doing too much damage to the buzzing bass-distortion. Although I perhaps prefer the earlier EP's harsh and merciless sound, this time the compositions' quality is revealed in a more flattering light.

The songs range from mid-tempo repetition a'la noise rock to faster and simpler attack riffs, and some blatant rhythm-gimmickry and twists. The songs have a good balance of logical progress and surprising twists, and in the end the songs come together to form a rather unified and natural entirety.

The band's small arsenal of instruments is spiced up with some space-y samples, flanging and vocal effects, and they certainly help enrich the band's expression's barest core, but I still occasionally feel like there could be something more to be heard. This kind of simplisticity works well as a short EP-dose, but if the band is going to make a longer recording I'd say that they need to find ways to create more intriquing and original sound(scape)s and more hooks into the compositions.

I'm not yet fully convinced of the band's full potential, but there is a lot of good ideas, enthusiasm and refined vision to be heard on this 7". It just needs to be taken further to create a more violently energetic and overwhelming atmosphere... an experience.

7 / 10